Thinking about bringing this blog back after a very long hiatus. I recently work in retail again (whoo) and after only a month of being a cashier they moved me onto customer service! After only two terrible days of trying to be trained all I could think about was this blog. So expect to hear from me soon y’all, but first this blog needs a serious make over.

No one’s that stupid.
Before working in retail/customer service/food industry (via loupsenior)

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Dedicated to all my fellow retail employees

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck retaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail

Neva’ goin’ back agaiiiiiiiiiiin.

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That’s good service.

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Well.. Um… Thank you?

I made employee of the month. Woo. The store manager gets to pick and he picked me, why? I dunno. I just did things and they liked those things. My name gets to go on this little plaque but the most awesome thing is that I got a $100 check. Yay for being appreciated!  


A few 100’s thrown at you for being abused by mother fuckers. 

I hate that one co-worker who gets upset purely because they have to do work. 

Stop complaining, you should be glad this new manager gives you a shit ton of work to do while closing.

Oh wait… I forgot. You liked getting paid to do nothing..

That dick came again. The one with the cannolis i posted about before. So rude. Didn’t even say thank you. 

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